How to Participate


Register account

Sign up to five-k using an email account and password of your choosing. We recommend a personal email account that you are likely to control even if you change jobs.

You will need to verify your account using the email sent to your email address.


Register organisation email

Go to account settings and register an email with a domain from your organisation. This will allow you to connect with your colleagues.

You will need to verify that you belong to the organisation using the email sent to your organisation email address.

Organisation settings including which email domains should be associated with the organisation can be modified once your email has been verified.


Donate to allow you and a friend to participate

Donate money to the charity of your choice (using the form on the left). This will allow you to participate in the competitions. When you donate you can also challenge a friend to participate (you have already paid for their first donation!)

Note that we don't collect or handle any of your money in this process.


Connect to Strava and upload a walk or run

At the moment Strava is the only way to upload a walk or run to five-k (sorry we are working on other methods!). Connect your account to Strava and then upload a walk or run that is at least 5 kilometres long.

The activity will be converted to a score out of 100 based on your age and gender. For example if you get a score of 50 this means your speed is 50% of the fastest ever time recorded from someone of your age and gender.


Upload a walk or run every day to boost your score

Each season lasts for three months and every activity counts! A walk or run can be uploaded up to once per day to boost your individual and organisation score.


Compete with others

Compete against your friends, against other organisations or as a friendly intra-organisation battle to get the most points over a three month period.

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